Hi there. Thanks for coming by my page! My name is Megan Danielle Smith. I am a 26 year old living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I was born and raised here and I love it. I spent a brief 2 1/2 years living in Montana, but am back to where my roots are. I love Jesus, coffee (a little bit too much I’d say), puns, dad jokes, and a good road trip. I’ve always loved taking photos and now I do it for a (side) job!

My passion for photography started when I picked up my parents terrible (sorry mom and dad) point and shoot at probably age 12. Just ask them, their cameras always disappeared and they knew exactly who had them, me! Ever since, and with a few camera upgrades, I have fallen in love over and over with telling peoples stories through photographs and capturing memories that will last a life time. I, personally, love looking through old photographs, no matter how much I may cringe, and remembering moments that passed in what feels like an instant.

With that said, I love capturing raw and emotion filled moments. I know how uncomfortable it can be getting your photos taken. How do you pose? Are my kids behaving/doing the right thing? Are we even getting any good photos? Etc, etc. It’s nerve racking and can be quite the financial investment. That is why I try to take off all the pressure from you and put it onto me. I can/will pose you, encourage you, and show you the outcome of the photos. I love to capture the essence of who you are and often I will tell you to just enjoy the moment, act as if I’m not even there and enjoy each other (or the view if it’s just you).  I will make sure we get some good shots and I won’t leave until we do so (or we can reschedule a second shoot, on me). I’m here for you. Let’s get shooting!